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Customer Orders & Shipping Information

This section reflects Under The Rainbow policies regarding customer orders and shipping.
Customer Orders
Items in Under The Rainbow's online craft mall are handmade by individual crafters that join our site. All items posted are submitted for review prior to posting to assure quality standards and handcrafted requirements.

Our goal is to give quality crafters an affordable online showcase. We aim to serve our fellow crafters well and provide shoppers with a quality craft connection. Your orders are processed and forwarded to our crafters. Each crafter is responsible for their items following our guidelines.

Shipping & Handling
Shipping will be one of the following: Fed Ex, UPS ground, or USPS deliver confirmation. Choice is made by the crafter on the best way to ship their items safely. Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

Shipping costs are estimated per item due to the fact that multiple items ordered may come from different crafters and locations. A refund will be issued for estimations that exceed actual shipping cost plus a reasonable packaging expense. Ordering multiple items from the same crafter will usually result in a refund for excess shipping payment.

Custom Order & Special Requests
Some crafters will allow specialized orders outside of regular options. Special order ability will be noted in the description and will include a text area for the request to be typed in. Please allow extra time for delivery of these items, as special orders normally cannot be anticipated and pre-made.
Consumer Fraud Protection
Unlike other 3rd party venue providers, Under The Rainbow takes a little extra responsibility for your protection against online fraud - your money doesn't leave our accounts until your order is showing safely enroute to your address. All shipments are required to have tracking. for this reason. If your item doesn't get shipped, the Crafter doesn't get paid - so your money can be safely refunded should any problem arise.

You payment information, other than contact information & payment manner, is not stored by us in any manner whatsoever - we use PayPal for online payment processing and do not retain any bank or credit card information what so ever.