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Santa Clause Slippers, Child


Handmade in America especially for You!

Christmas Holiday Clothing | Santa Clause Slippers | Elf Jingle Bell Slippers
Santa Clause Slippers, Child

Santa Clause Slippers, Child

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas! Children simply adore these Santa Clause slippers. You won't have to argue with them to put them on and keep their feet warm. Christmas red soles, a snow white beard and mustache and a cheery embroidered Santa face, the cuff being Santa Claus's hat. Slippers stretch to grow with your child. Come in both Caucasian and African American.

Child Sizes available: 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12. Children's size Santa slippers are pre-made and ready to ship.

- Colors can be changed to green for a Christmas Elf duo.
- Leaving the hat trim off makes a handsome lumber jack.
- Most colors are available, you can even match eyes & hair color to the child.
- Variations can be added in the custom text area below or e-mail me.
- Jingle bells can also be added for an extra cost.

 Please allow up to 2 weeks before shipping for customized orders. Shipping is flat rate priority, not per pair - over-charges for multiple pairs will be refunded.

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