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Under The Rainbow Connections!

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Under The Rainbow Connections evolved from 'The Yuckity Yuk Club,' which began with a few friends passing around interesting and funny things that we found on the internet. Instead of sending out several a day I began putting them together in one mailing. Hence, the ezine began. Most jokes and content are sent to Under The Rainbow by our subscribers. Some can be serious and some are quite hysterical.

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Below are some old archives. Great jokes and crafty articles delivered right to your e-mail box.

Under The Rainbow Connections Archives

January 2006 Newsletter Mar 2006 UTR Connections
Feb 2006 UTR Connections Apr 2006 UTR Connections
May 2006 UTR Connections


Join Under The Rainbow's Joke Ezine! Yuckity Yuk Club Archive

07-04-05 Hello Friend

06-05-05 TrueFriends

5-29-05 Garden of Daily Living

5-22-05 3 Men And A River

5-15-05 This Could Happen To You!

5-08-05 Mother's Day Tribute

5-01-05 Dumbest Kid

4-23-05 The Internet Rocks

04_09_05_Irish Confessions

04_02_05 April Fools

03_26_05 Hoppy Easter!

03_13_05 The Hymns

03_19_05 If My Body Were A Car

03_05_05 For all the E-mails

02_27_05 An American Tribute

03_03_04 Storm Child

03_29_04 Womanhood

03_26_04 Horse Race

03_24_04 Spell Checker

03_22_04 Take time Out

03_19_04 Hillbilly Birth

New Site in Progress

04_09_04 Aging with Humor

04_16_04 State Trooper

04_23_04 Why Men Die First

Happy Halloween Edition

Join us in sharing the fun!

What can be better than getting rewards for having fun!

Under The Rainbow Connections Benefits:

  • Share your jokes and funnies with the rest of the members and possibly get them posted on the site!
  • Special Sales Discounts - Get in on special sales and discounts that are available for our members and newsletter subscribers only!
  • Free E-book "Funniest News Stories" (You've got to read it to believe it!)
  • Enter our contests to win prizes!
  • Get the latest news and updates on Celebration Events, New Items, New site features, and more...
  • Receive a fun filled newsletters 1x per month.

Under The Rainbow does not mail solo 3rd party advertisements. All mailings received from us will be site or customer/member related. Our mailings may, however, include 3rd party advertisements.

Your privacy is important to Under The Rainbow. We will never - under any circumstances - rent, sell, exchange or in any way make your information available to third parties, unless legally required to do so.

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