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Crafters must agree to the following terms:
Failure to follow terms could result in Membership Banning!
*Under The Rainbow reserves the right to amend terms at our discretion.

  1. First and Foremost - This is a "jurried craft show" all item posts must go through an approval process prior to item activation.
    We are basically a non-profit site, all proceeds earned through any fees and commissions go back into hosting, support, and promotion of the web site. Members are required to promote and support the entire craft mall and our functions. The survival of this sales outlet for crafters relies on all members working together as a team.
  2. Membership is not automatic - you must go through an approval process:
    1. Membership Payment of $10 (refunded only in cases of membership denial)
    2. Membership Application - includes personal information needed to process membership, including your first craft mall item submission for review.
    3. Telephone Interview - We may call new members as a welcome and to answer any questions. Phone calls could be before or after membership approval, depending on craft submission or other factors needed to evaluate new members.
    4. Company Yahoo Group - Please see below
  3. All Craft Mall submissions must be handcrafted by the applicant or their family!
    Consultants for handmade product companies will not be accepted as crafters.
    The only exception to this is if the applicant is the owner & crafter of the company.
  4. Company Yahoo Group - this is required to maintain membership. This is where all member announcements are made, your e-mail settings should be either individual or daily digest. No Spamming the group - this is basically our only rule and violation is grounds for removal. Un-subscribing from the group will result in membership removal. The link and/or an invitation to join the group will be sent upon membership approval - due to the group being private and for members only.
  5. There is no race or skin color in our company - We are all colorful crafters and human beings. Any discriminatory behavior by any member will be seriously dealt with by our staff with possible removal and banning of membership.
  6. Crafter agrees to keep contact information updated. Inability to be contacted with a timely response is grounds for membership removal. Orders cannot be filled if we cannot reach you, then it looks bad for the entire site.
  7. Craft Mall Item Posting is not automated - posts are submitted for review, then placed in your member area manually. All posts must be approved - we reserve the right to disallow items at our discretion. No identical and/or duplicate items as already posted by another member will be allowed - we want a variety, not direct competition between members. Crafter must give final approval of item details prior to activation on craft mall pages. This is to help prevent human error and ensure that items are described correctly and allow description tweaking before publicly viewed. All items left pending for more than 30 days, without any activity or response to activation requests, will be removed, but still count as a post.
  8. Crafter is allowed to post up to 20 items free with membership. More item posts may be added for $2.00 per 10 posts. Extra posts may be earned by having personal sales and/or sales referrals depending on current bonus program.
  9. Item Options: Each item is allowed a maximum of 4 options of up to 20 choice selections per option. Text boxes and text areas may be used for customizable or more general option choices. Items cannot require e-mail contact with potential customer for customization in order to make the sale; unless the Crafter has a company e-mail account or is a Gold Member (this is an Optional Paid Feature).
  10. Shipping: choice must be made at time of posting. You may switch only with proper notification to Under The Rainbow
    1. USPS, 1st Class/Parcel Post - Delivery Confirmation
    2. USPS, Priority Mail - Delivery Confirmation
    3. UPS, ground
    4. Fed Ex
    If shipping fee is unknown, shipping charges can be estimated by Under The Rainbow. Leave $ amount empty, fill in the weight, box size, and shipper. Crafter must provide tracking and/or delivery confirmation number to Under The Rainbow for customer tracking. ** Tracking number for shipments must be provided prior to payment for orders.
  11. Membership Log In Requirements: Crafter agrees to log into the member area on a monthly basis to keep posted items and contact information up to date and to check for personal notes left by our staff regarding items, sales, or membership. Failure to log into the member area within a 6 month period of time will result in Inactive Member Status. Inactive Member posts are not actively displayed in the craft mall for sale, nor are they featured on our Meet the Crafters page. Memberships that are inactive for 6 months change to a 30 day Pending Removal Status prior to full membership removal.
  12. Commission on sales - 15% is retained from customer payment. Exception: Specials & discount offers on sales page, craft classifieds, direct contact sales (paid feature), and Celebration Vendor Spots - no commission due.
  13. Sales notifications will be made by e-mail and/or phone. Crafter must verify the ability to fill orders within 2 business days.
  14. Orders must be shipped within 2 weeks of sale unless otherwise arranged due to a special order or situation.
  15. Order Payments: PayPal is our preferred method to send payments, or we can mail a check (please see below)
       — PayPal IDs must be in the name of the crafter, not another person's name.
       — You may choose to have a check mailed to you instead of payment via PayPal for an extra $1 fee.
  16. Code of Conduct: Crafters that start trouble, make unwarranted threats and/or reports, misrepresent our site, or any other conduct that Under The Rainbow views as reflecting poorly on Under The Rainbow's good character and functions will be removed from the craft mall as a result of their actions. We value our reputation, so please conduct yourself accordingly.
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